outsourcing done beautifully

outsourcing done beautifully

Leads are the lifeblood of the sales process, which makes them crucial to the success of any business. However, lead generation is a tedious task with tons of dead ends. With our cutting-edge lead generation strategy centered on industry and market mapping, we can provide fresh market insights that drive product and service innovation and deliver WIN-READY leads.

Accounting and finance processes are among the most time-consuming, yet essential business functions. With our team of CPAs and accountants, we can provide compliant back office solutions ranging from simple data management tasks, bookkeeping, invoicing, payroll, cashflow reporting, management accounting, financial planning and forecasting, as well as other more advanced accounting functions—freeing up your in-house resources to focus on core business processes.

Customer loyalty is more than a “repeat buying” behavior. We identify it as a result of best business practices aimed at achieving a great overall customer experience and client satisfaction. Our friendly and knowledgeable English-speaking talents can deliver compassionate and efficient handling of technical and non-technical concerns through voice support and live chat. Moreover, we can also improve your relationship with clients through customer service monitoring and appointment follow-up.

Our professional digital marketers can help you create quality content, rank higher in search results through effective SEO strategies, manage your social media presence, as well as develop, execute, and monitor marketing campaigns to expand your reach. We are passionate about design, and can build inbound digital marketing campaign analytics to quantify the brand effectiveness. We don’t just develop and create brands, we partner with them to create a holistic brand strategy.

With our team of highly competent developers who are proficient in using a wide range of programming languages, tools, and platforms, we can provide platform and language agnostic development services. We do not only supply and support developers required for the project, but also facilitate client-side project management. Maintain control of the project scope and deliverables without the HR liability and at a fraction of the regular cost.

We have a team of versatile back office professionals who can perform virtually any kind of non-core tasks that you need to outsource, including data entry and processing, customer service, sales support, email marketing and telemarketing, data mining, and recruitment support. Furthermore, we can also provide qualified cost-effective technical staff to help support your IT solutions and applications. We can manage Google Apps, Office365, AWS, or any other cloud-based application, and provide resources to support onboarding, upgrades, monitoring, and reporting.

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Smart Out-Sourcering Solutions. Putting the magic into your business.

In a rapidly changing business environment driven by new technologies, business leaders can no longer afford to ignore outsourcing. To remain competitive and relevant on the world stage, outsourcing should be integrated into the company’s longer-term business strategy of accessing mission-critical expertise and improving workforce flexibility.

Direct Sourcing Solutions specializes in innovative outsourcing solutions and consultancy services with the sole purpose of giving our clients the workforce strategies and processes to leapfrog their competitors. Whether the focus is business transformation, volume management, or cost reduction, our team of leading industry authorities will work with you to exceed your goals.

Our approach is client-focused, metrics-driven and technology-enabled. We pride ourselves on being able to mold our approach to meet your business requirements, and use our extensive local knowledge to act as the conduit between your “real world” business requirements and our offshore processing capabilities.

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We are a fun mix of characters that share a passion for doing what we love.

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Gizelle De Guzman

Chief Human Resources Officer

Leon Gunning

Chief Operations Officer

Bryan Lockyer

Chief Out-Sorcerer/ Managing Director

Scott Wong

Chief Revenue Officer

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Our 192,000 available work hours reduce the need for:


cups of coffee


CVs reviewed


HR admin hours


sq meters office space



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21 July 2017

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12 May 2017

How Agencies Can Benefit from Outsourced Recruitment Support Services

Through outsourced recruitment support services, these smaller firms will be able to deliver qualified candidates faster without sacrificing quality, as well as have more time to focus on core revenue-generating activities that drive business growth. Here are the different ways a recruitment support staff can serve as a powerful asset for your company: [...]

14 March 2017

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Metrics Driven– If we can’t track and measure, then we can’t tell you how well we are doing. Our metrics-driven approach is key to showing you value.

Technology-enabled– Outsourcing is not just about throwing bodies at a problem– effective technologies are key to ensuring success.

Client Chameleons– when we work with clients our desire is that we emulate every part of the integration with your customers.

Loyal – We want to build lasting relationships with a small number of special clients that we can grow with over time.

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